new classical music you'll want

to hear again and again



Classical – meaning, the mainstream art of fine composition – is coming back with a vengeance. All it will take is for a wave of composers – after an 80-year vacation – to resume writing music that society wants to hear again and again. Enough waiting. We’re trying to provoke it. At every concert, we play ten short pieces. When each piece finishes, you – our listener – have one simple question to answer: DO I WANT TO HEAR IT AGAIN?


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We are booking soloists and ensembles with a new, mainstream classical piece in their repertoire.


A composition reboot will change everything.


*A profile gallery of some of our composers, with audio, is coming soon…

Ivan Božičević A-L
No Image Kenneth Lim A-L
Pavel Yakovlev M-Z
Mark Landson A-L
No Image Gonzalo Giminez A-L
No Image Richard Campanelli A-L
Alf Bishai A-L
Lisa Hogan A-L
Oren Lok A-L
Mark Lanz Weiser M-Z
Aaron Malone M-Z
Alf Bishai
Alf Bishai
founder/artistic director
Alf is a composer and music director in New York City. He has taught classical theory and ear-training at NYU since 2001. One evening at the symphony, after witnessing (yet again) an audience of intelligent New Yorkers feebly applaud a new composition that had plunged them into observable misery only moments before, the idea struck him that something very deep was wrong. Since then, he has been obsessed with understanding the absurdities, prejudices and self-defeating practices of classical music culture, and with figuring out how we may be rid of them. The Ear is the fruit of a decade of thinking, arguing, writing, wrangling, experimenting, and searching for kindred spirits. Alf lives in Manhattan with his wife, Tanya, and two children, Ander and Ava.