The Ear is a composer competition in

New York City. Think ‘The Voice’ for composers, but way rowdier. Nuttier. Irreverent. Cheering in the middle of the music. Heckling the emcee. Drinking. Voting for the pieces you want to hear again. We’re determined to reconnect classical composers with the general audience. Over 1100 composers have signed up. We’ll to introduce you to more than fifty of them over six concerts this 2018-2019 season. Have you ever thought, “I’d like to get into classical more, but I don’t know how…”? This is how.

OUR MISSION is to build a vibrant, messy scene around new classical music people want to hear again and again.  

Classical – meaning, the mainstream art of fine composition – is coming back with a vengeance. All it will take is for a wave of composers – after an 80-year vacation – to resume writing music that society wants to hear again and again. Enough waiting. We’re trying to provoke it. At every concert, we play ten short pieces. When each piece finishes, you – our listener – have one simple question to answer: DO I WANT TO HEAR IT AGAIN?


Thrilled to be working with SHATTERED GLASS. This is from their album Psycho.
RAISE A HANDKERCHIEF for your favorite composer on 9/20/18. This is our highest honor. It means, “Again!”
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