Hello composers! As we continue to plan our mainstage concert series for the rest of 2019, we wanted to try something light and totally different for the summer. Think of this more as a game. Please WATCH THE VIDEO, and then READ THE PARAMETERS below. Good luck!


INSTRUMENTATION: Unaccompanied cello. No effects, electronics, looping, etc. allowed.

DURATION: 30seconds MAX

DEADLINE: Sunday, September 15, 2019, midnight EST

MATERIALS: Please submit SCORE ONLY as a PDF. (Don’t submit audio.)

WHERE TO SUBMIT: Email your score to You will receive a simple auto-response acknowledging receipt of your submission, and we will contact you if we need anything else from you.

RESULTS: We will post results on the website by September 7. We will also send an email to all participants.

OWNERSHIP: You must control all rights to the composition. If we select your composition, we will need permission to use it in our video and other Ear marketing materials.

RESTRICTIONS ON THE COMPOSER: None. This is open to composers of all countries and all ages. If you are under 18, we will need permission from a legal guardian if your piece is selected.

RESTRICTIONS ON THE COMPOSITION: It’s OKAY if this is part of a larger work. It’s OKAY if it’s been published. It’s OKAY if it’s not that recent. (So long as you own the rights.)

JUDGING: ROUND ONE: Gjilberta (cellist) will be the sole judge in the initial round. She will choose her favorite 15 from all the submissions. ROUND TWO: Gjilberta will play these 15 to a room of private guests. The guests will vote by answering our signature question: “Do you want to hear it again?” The top 3 will go on to the next round (so long as they are encored by at least 50% of the audience). FINAL ROUND: We will play the top three to random people in and around New York City. The one that is encored the most will be declared the winner.

PRIZE: $100, and a very cool video.

Gjilberta Lucaj, cellist